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about me

I'm a programmer, and that's what I do best. Data modeling, architecture and component design and, of course, coding.

I tend to describe myself as a "generic programmer", as I privilege algorithmic and abstract thinking, and I am able to apply it in a variety of languages and platforms, and capable to quickly learn new ones.

I also have experience leading project teams. I prefer an agile project management and small project teams, with high flexibility in the requirements and participation of all the project team, committed and co-responsible for the project and the decisions made.

I'm a open source user and supporter. In almost any dimension of my life I'm a believer of the power of community, knowledge sharing, collective ownership and work.

I frequently do social work, have politic activity in a party, participate and lead some counseling groups and I'm happily building a family.

I do love my work and I'm really interested in technology, in particular regarding the web, and try to keep myself updated about the latest trends and news.

I’m currently seeking new opportunities, including abroad, that could boost the reach of my work. I seek to continue to develop my skills to make a real difference.

You can count on solid knowledge in programming, acquired both academically and professionally, strong will and adaptation to new challenges.

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  • Programming
    • Languages
      • Javascript
      • JAVA
      • C++
      • PHP
      • Actionscript
      • SQL
      • C#
    • Frameworks
      • jQuery
      • zepto.js
      • Android Application Framework
  • Web
    • Markup & Style
      • HTML5
      • CSS3
      • Sass
      • XSL-T
    • Web Services & API's
      • JSON
      • XML
      • REST
      • SOAP
      • Open Graph
      • Facebook Apps
      • Twitter API
      • oAuth 1.0a
      • oAuth 2.0
  • Databases
    • DBMS
      • MySQL
      • mongoDB
      • SQLite
      • Firebird
  • Tools & Applications
    • IDE & Code Editors
      • Sublime Text
      • Eclipse
      • Adobe Flash Builder
      • Adobe Flash Professional
    • Project Management
      • Trello
      • Microsoft Project
      • Redmine
    • Version Control
      • Git
      • SVN
      • CVS
    • Lint & Deploy Tools
      • Grunt
      • Closure Compiler
      • JSHint
    • Other
      • Apache Web Server
      • SSH client

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I’m a software developer with over 10 years of professional experience in the web industry, always seeking innovative use of technology to facilitate lives.

accedo, interactive agency (2003 - 2014)

I've worked in Accedo for more than 10 years, where I had several roles and been in many different projects.

In the last 4 years I was ahead of the project's development team, mainly doing macro-planing of projects, allocating resources, defining processes, tools and implementation guidelines.

I also lead the project teams (last 6 years), maintaining the requirements list, distributing tasks and assuring the objectives of the team, providing advice and technical support.

Regarding coding, in Accedo I was involved in almost every stage and aspect of the projects. I normally implemented backend business logic, but it is common to also work in the frontend.

The company's culture was to develop its own solutions, many times from scratch, so I've acquired skills that enables me to easily work with and hack most frameworks and libraries.

ADETTI - ISCTE (2001 - 2003)

At the end of the second year is was invited to work with ADETTI, the university's non-for-profit research institution, mainly because of my database and programming skills, needed for object-relational abstraction layer that enabled agents to store and provide information, integrated in the European Commission project Agentcities.RTD (IST-2000-28385).

Implemented "Any Agent", a Generic Agent, which offers a suite of services to deploy various types of Information Agents; "AllData", a database software layer that offers a easy way for Agents to store, retrieve and alter their's ontology object instances, using any Content Language (from the supported languages) as the Database Query Language; and "All", a set of Content Language translation tools.

Experience in the Intelligent Agents area, adherent to the FIPA standard [].


Botelho, L.M.; Antunes, N.; Ebrahim, M.; and Ramos, P. 2002. "Greeks and Trojans Together". Proceedings of the Workshop "Ontologies in Agent Systems" of the Autonomous Agents and Multi Agent Systems Conference (AAMAS 2002).

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Degree in Computer Science and Enterprise Management (IGE), ISCTE - IUL

Completed classes with distinction in areas such as Object-Oriented Programming (C++ and Java), Databases (SQL) and Modelling and Implementation of Information Systems (UML).

IGE Final Project in the field of information search in a multi-agent network and their adjustment to the implementation of online businesses, including the creation of a personal agent, dynamic generation of generic interfaces and refinement of the agent behaviour based on the user preferences and necessities; with final classification of 17 on a scale of 20.


Antunes, N.; Morais, M; e Fonte, R. 2005. "User Interfaces for Intelligent Agents". Unpublished. Part of the IGE Final Project.